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Synchro Competition Online Registration Procedure & Tips

If you are the synchro team manager or the individual responsible for registering the team, for every skater that you would like to add to your team registration, ensure that before you start that you have the following details for all the skaters you will be registering on behalf of:

  • First & Last Name (with the same spelling as identified in their personal account if they have one)
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • 10-Digit Skate Canada Number if you are a Skate Canada Member – Please ensure this information is accurate to correctly identify skaters that my already have an account.

With each skater you would like to add to your team, repeat the sequence above to add the skater’s details to your account. You can do so once logged in by:

  • clicking on “My Account” in the top right corner
  • clicking on “Participants” in the sub-menu
  • clicking on “Add New Participant” to add the skaters’ details


To quickly upload all of your skaters at once, beside the “Add New Participant” link, you can optionally import your participants. You can do so once logged in by:

  • clicking on “My Account” in the top right corner
  • clicking on “Participants” in the sub-menu
  • clicking on “Participant Import”


  • On the following page, click “Get Import Template” to download a copy of the spreadsheet template that you can use to add your skaters.
    Please note: “Participant Since”, “Instructor 1” and “Instructor 2” columns are optional.
  • Fill the spreadsheet with all the skaters you would like to register as part of your team. Save the spreadsheet on your computer.
  • Return back to the Skate Ontario registration site and on the previous page, click “Browse” to select the spreadsheet file you had completed
  • Click “Upload”. This will present a spreadsheet view of all of your skaters’ details. Review for accuracy to ensure that all birthdates and details have been imported correctly. For the most accurate results, ensure that birthdates are entered in the form of “YYYY-MM-DD”. You can live update any details that were inaccurately imported directly within the spreadsheet view
  • Click “Import Data”. Any skaters that do not already have a personal skater profile will be imported to your account. Any Skaters that have an existing personal account, will have a “SELECT” button appear beside their name. See below on how to match these skater profiles.


For Skaters that have their own previously created personal account:


If any of your skaters that you are importing are adding individually has created their personal account, as long as you have correctly identified the above criteria accurately, you will be offered a suggested matched participant(s) to select from. Please correctly identify the skater you would like to register on behalf of and click “SELECT PARTICIPANT”.




If the skater you are attempting to add does not have a personal account, select “CREATE NEW”



If for some reason the skater has previously been able to create a duplicate skater profile, you may receive the following error when creating their skater profile:


You have encountered the following error(s) on this page:

  • Another skater has the value XXXXXX for Skate Canada Number. This value must be unique.


Please proceed with creating the skater profile, leaving the Skate Canada Number blank. You can contact the Skate Canada PEI office at to notify them of the error so that we can reconcile the skater profiles accordingly.



Competition & Category Selection:

  • Click on the competition for which you wish to register in the main menu
  • Select the Event category you would like to register for and click the “Register”
  • If you cannot immediately find your event, filter the Event list by Category Level on the right hand menu
  • Click the “Register” button beside the event
  • If you have multiple skaters in your account, select the skater that will be registering for the appropriate event
  • If you are registering pair/dance team:
    • Only one partner needs to register for a given category. Select both skaters from the selection box
  • Once you’ve added all the events you will be registering for, click on “Shopping Cart” in the top menu


Confirmation Of Registered Events And Skater Details:

  • Confirm the events and skater details in your shopping cart.
  • select products/subscription to add individual skater fees for synchronized skating competitions. 
  • If the events are correct, click “Confirm & Register”



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